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Meet Our Team

Kevin Klein
Chair/Chief Nerf Herder

Kevin is the Chair of SACH.

Vice Chair/Director of Unicorn Sector, Aquatic Division

Heather is the Vice Chair of SACH. She is always looking for new volunteer opportunities for Assemblers to Help Often.

Mandi Kaye Ottaway
Secretary/Treasurer/Overseer of All Stuffs Timey-Wimey

Mandi Kaye serves as both Secretary and Treasurer of SACH. She has found that Sunday Assembly truly inspires her to Live Better and Wonder More.

John Bradley
Board Member/Minister of Silly Faces

John Bradley is a Scientific Programmer working in Genomics. At Sunday
Assembly he is in charge of forgetting to bring coffee and remembering
to bring his daughter.

Rebecca Atkins
Board Member/Manticore Wrangler

Rebecca loves the community of Sunday Assembly. You can usually find her with her sidekick mini-me Zoe, age 4.

Nicole Pynaker
Assistant Dean of Pirate Linguistics
Sylvia Pellicore
Surveyor of Planets Uncharted
Sara Rodgers
Wookie Barber